Thursday, February 17, 2011

What am I passionate about ?

I am very passionate about becoming a radio host. My outgoing personality drives me to this career choice, so I believe that I will have fun and feel comfortable about my future job. I also enjoy being heard and seen in disguised (letting people predict how I look and change their perspective when I come out). My passion about becoming a radio host came along when I was a junior in high school. Everyone knew me because I made myself known when I came around. My peers kept telling me since you love to talk, you would do great in the Mass Communications field. I listened to their ideas, but it went out the other ear because I had my mind set on becoming a Business Manager. That Business Manager career soon went out the door when I took a Mass Communications class while being apart of the Upward Bound Math & Science Program over the summers. My teacher, Ms. Shana Middleton is a graduate of Claflin University who studied Mass Communications. She was working in the field that I wished to work in and attended the school that I wished to attend. Being her student, she motivated and informed me so much that I became determined about becoming a radio host. I plan to follow this passion in the future by gaining as much experience I can to prepare myself for the real Mass Communications world.